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SUSY 2013

ICTP Trieste, Italy

26—31 August 2013

21st International Conference on Supersymmetry and Unification of Fundamental Interactions


Prices are special rates applicable to the Conference period only (i.e. 26—31 August 2013). Participants should get in touch with the hotels directly via e-mail using the reference code "ICTP SUSY 2013", after receiving confirmation that their application has been accepted and after having paid the Registration Fee.

For any further queries regarding accommodation, please contact the ICTP Housing Office (e-mail:

Hotel availability special rates special rate booking deadline
Hotel Greif
15 S 100€
D 145€
extended to 7 August 2013
NH Trieste
10 S 85€
D 95€
extended to 5 August 2013
Booking webpage
Hotel Savoia
15 S standard 145€
S superior 165€
S deluxe 185€
D standard 165€
D superior 185€
D deluxe 205€
extended to 31 July 2013

Booking webpage
Hotel Miramare
4 D 130€ (as S 115€) extended to 9 August 2013
Hotel Riviera
S 85€
D 130€ (as S 100€)
extended to 5 August 2013
Note: departure not after 30 Aug.
Hotel Alla Posta
S 80€
D 95€ (as S 88€)
extended to 9 August 2013
Hotel Mignon
sold out
Hotel Tritone
sold out
On-Campus accommodation Rates Booking through ICTP Housing Office (e-mail:
ICTP Guesthouses 30€—70€ download the Accommodation Form (MS Word)
Youth Hostel 18€—23,50€ download the Accommodation Form (MS Word)

S=Single room, D=Double room. All rates are per night, breakfast included.